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Darlsborough-University 04-SD by giantess-fan-comics

Darlsborough University is back again, but after the immense response the first three chapters received, are you really that surprised?

This time around we're taking a step back with a prequel chapter that looks into the semester prior to the events of Darlsborough University 1-3 as three members of the "tiny" community of Darlsborough bring forth concerns of girls going on drunken rampages and abusing their power, hoping the school's ethics committee will hear their pleas.

Anyone want to place bets on how well THAT plan goes?

Darlsborough University 4 - The Ethics Committee by giantess-fan-comics

Welcome to the Giantess Complaint Department by giantess-fan-comics

Synopsis: In the term before Jordan made it to campus, the new students were settling into their bigger life at Darlsborough with the occasional hiccup. When things got too far out of hand the Ethics Committee would convene, consisting of community and staff representatives, to supposedly sanction the errant students. The latest meeting reviews some of the racier student incidents and slaps the offenders on the wrist for being naughty girls.

Release Date: October 14th, 2014
Author: Jordan Macrophile
Artwork: :iconjoselxxvi:
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J. Yubari
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I'm a giantess comics writer with a giant imagination. Yes, that's right - big girls doing all kinds of things in various scenarios. Sometimes they prance around a city, while other times they intentionally destroy things. The stories are a bit more in depth than that but you catch my drift.

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Looking Right At You by giantess-fan-comics
Looking Right At You
A giantess spots you in this panel from our POV comic Honey Trap.

Synopsis: You start your day like any other. The girlfriend is still in a mood with you, and she hasn’t put out for a while. Maybe she’s going through one of those phases that women have, sometimes you wished they came with an instruction manual. Anyway, all is soon forgotten when you bump into a pretty brunette at work. It’s nice to have a girl smile at you and make you feel special again. Going to a party with her that evening would be harmless, right? Of course it doesn’t occur to you that you’re being lured into a honey trap, and the moment you spring it both women are ready to make you pay. This story is illustrated entirely from the first person perspective so you can experience walking gormlessly into their trap!

More scenes from the comic:
Honey Trap - Giantess Victim's P.O.V. by giantess-fan-comics P.O.V. Plaything by giantess-fan-comics

Issue Link: Honey Trap
Drunk and Shrunk by giantess-fan-comics
Drunk and Shrunk
Two tourists find themselves in deep trouble in this panel from Down in Mexico.

Synopsis: Todd and Brandon take a trip on their motorcycles to Mexico for some fun. They get invited by some locals to see a “special” show at a place called “La Piedra Negra”, little do they know what lies in store for them.

More scenes from the comic:
Down In Mexico cover art by giantess-fan-comics Tiny man in over his head... by giantess-fan-comics The Impending Butt Crush by giantess-fan-comics Giantess butt crush by giantess-fan-comics

Series Link: Down in Mexico
Run Little Man Run by giantess-fan-comics
Run Little Man Run
Sarah came home excited. She couldn't wait to try the "mini boyfriend" she had purchased from the sex shop. Sarah never had much luck with men and thought this toy would make masturbating a little less lonely. Sarah was unaware that the package contained not a sophisticated robot, but an actual tiny man, Micah. When Sarah opened the box, she had to spend a while coaxing Micah out, and when she started to remove her pants without warning, Micah struggled out of her hand and bolted. Sarah had a delightful time, chasing him around her apartment, letting him get a little head start now and again to keep the game going. When she finally cornered Micah, Sarah was so turned on she was making an almost purring noise. But Micah wasn't about to be caught- he bolted through the small opening between Sarah's thick thighs. As he was approaching daylight, he though he had gotten away with it. That's when he could sense the gigantic ass above him start to lower...

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